Kachina Sign Center is Tucson’s leading sign repair and maintenance contractor. Our certified technicians are experts in sign repair, including maintaining LEDs, lights and electronics.

When you ask us to repair a sign, you’ll receive fast, courteous service, good communications and quick, affordable repairs that last.

Our most common sign repair jobs are for exterior signage such as building signs, monument signs, awnings, billboards, projection signs and LED signs.

During a free inspection, we can quickly assess the condition of your existing sign and recommend a range of options to fix it.

We’re very good about communicating well throughout the entire process, in order to ensure that costs and expectations are clearly understood.

Regular maintenance

Sign maintenance is especially important if your signs are lit or feature LEDs. We can make sure your LED displays continue to work well, and your illuminated signs stay evenly lit.

To help with property management and planning, we offer an annual maintenance plan that guarantees your sign is always working. We provide regular preventive maintenance so you’ll have peace of mind.

Later, if you need sign repair, we’ll troubleshoot and fix any and all issues according to the maintenance plan.

If you need sign repair

Keep in mind that good-quality sign repairs will help protect your brand. That’s because prospective buyers always associate the quality of a company’s signage with the quality of its products and services.

Good signage = good company

If your sign isn’t working, just contact Kachina Sign Center and our expert technicians will fix it. We specialize in LED and digital signage, as well as structural repairs for monument signs and projecting signs, plus awnings and banners, too.

We can evaluate your sign on-site with a free consultation, and suggest a range of cost-effective options for repairing a sign of any kind.

If serious work is needed, since we’re Tucson’s expert sign repair contractor we can obtain any permits for exterior signage.

Tucson’s best sign repairing services

We can fix any kind of signage, whether illuminated or not. If you have a sign that’s broken or not performing up to your expectations, just contact us!