Vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps are the best solution for any advertising, promotional or safety markings that you want on your vehicles. They’re visually striking, so they draw plenty of attention.

With our vehicle graphics and wraps we can dress vehicles with any advertisement, message or livery you want.

Turn your vehicles into mobile billboards

Vehicle wrap advertising uses ultra-thin, flexible vinyl sheet and laminate technology to in the design of the wrap. The vinyl can be removed later relatively easily, which reduces the cost of changing your advertising messages.

In the old days, large vehicles with flat surfaces (like buses and rail carriages) were most often dressed in vehicle wrap.

Each stop light is a marketing opportunity 

The good news is that nowadays we can apply flawless vehicle wraps for cars, even with highly-curved surfaces.

At Kachina Sign Center, we have a highly talented graphic design staff as well as expert technicians to install your vehicle graphics and wraps perfectly.

What’s so special about vehicle graphics and wraps?

Vehicle wraps spread your message better than any other form of mobile or outdoor advertising. It’s easy to understand why:

  • Vehicle wraps instantly help vehicles stand out from the crowd
  • Mobile ads reach both vehicle and pedestrian viewers
  • Studies have shown that vehicle wrap messages reach 85% of the top 100 U.S. markets
  • Wraps give small businesses a way to quickly build local recognition
  • Long-lasting mobile advertising in “free” space

Vehicle graphics and wraps FAQs

How long do vehicle graphics and wraps last?

At Kachina Sign Center we use top-quality materials, and our expert installation technicians make sure the results are perfect to meet your needs.

A good vehicle wrap or graphics should last between 2 to 5 years in Arizona depending on how well the vehicle is maintained.

How is the vehicle wrap applied?

The wraps are applied using laminated vinyl sheets. When applied by experts such as the team here at Kachina Sign Center the finished product resembles a smooth “custom paint job” appearance without bubbles.

Can wraps and vinyl car graphics be removed?

Yes, both kinds of mobile advertising can be removed very easily. Wraps should have no residual effect on vehicles.

What can I put on my vehicles?

Anything that’s printable, we can put on vehicles. Words, logos, photos, images, and special custom coloring effects are our specialties.

We can help turn vehicle expenses into marketing revenues

Businesses that want to draw maximum attention use vehicle graphics and wraps as “free” advertising to offset everyday vehicle operating expenses by bringing new customers.

Kachina Sign Center is Tucson’s expert source for vehicle wrapping and vinyl car graphics. We can help turn your vehicle expenses into new revenues by spreading your brand or message far and wide. Best of all, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Want quick, effective mobile advertising? To learn more about vehicle wrapping just contact us.