3 Important Signs of a Good Sign Maker

When it comes to choosing the right sign maker to take your business to the next level, it’s important to consider what you are being offered. According to statistics listed on business expert Brandon Gaille’s blog, signs attract half of start-up business’s new costumers. It also shows that approximately 85 percent of your costumers live and work within a 5 mile radius of your business. If you aren’t utilizing your sign potential, you could be missing out on big profits. If you are now convinced to take full advantage of the sign advertising industry, first consider the following signs of a good sign business.

  1. Variety

It’s not what you say, but how you say it, as the saying goes. Finding a company that can offer you a variety of displays for your business’s unique message is key for success. This can be through a vinyl banner, lettering or graphics on your car, an A-frame sign, stencil work, 3D lettering and many more options. The more mediums you can take advantage of, the more successful and visible your company will be.

  1. Quality Design Team

Whether you have a picture perfect image of what you want your sign to look like, or just know the general effect you wish to have, working with a quality design team is key to your sign’s-and business’s-success. Look for a company that has it’s own design team on board, instead of just using contractors. These designers won’t be juggling outside business and will be able to devote their attention to bringing your vision to life.

  1. Vibrant Portfolio

When in doubt, let the past work of the sign makers be your guide. While it’s true your sign idea may be wildly different from others that have past through, looking through what sign makers have done will give you an idea of the company’s quality, creativity, continuity and variety. It may also inspire a few new thoughts for your vision. Taking a chance on a new sign maker doesn’t have to be so risky if you have checked out their other end products.

With these tips in mind, you are now ready to voyage out into the world of sign making. Regardless of the outcome, it will cost you more not to give signage a try. If you’re in the Tucson region, check out Kachina Sign Center for all your sign needs. https://kachinasigncenter.com/business-signs/sign-makers/