4 Common Trade Show Display Mistakes

When it comes to Trade Shows, the trick is to follow trends without getting sucked into the typical mistakes. You want to represent your brand genuinely, want it to stand out in the competition, and to deliver your company’s message effectively. Here are some pitfalls to avoid when putting setting up your display.

  1. Hiding behind Flare

Think of your larger than life display as more of a door than a brick wall. You want to attract client’s attention and then invite them to stay awhile. So once you’ve found your booth’s perfect location, lighting is on point, and your graphics are stunning. While this may be all you need to impress some attendees, many will be impressed if they are greeted by you and your friendly staff straight away, are available to answer questions, and aren’t waiting around for the attendees to approach you. Video displays and infographics may deliver your details, but you ultimately represent the personality of your company.

  1. Thinking 2 Dimensional

This isn’t a tri-fold on a table, school science fair, type situation. You know this, your client knows this. But often times when thinking of displays people tend to get caught up in the flat graphics, instead of focusing on the big picture. Your booth should be an experience, much like walking into your office headquarters or storefront. How do your display panels complement each other? How does the lighting accent your display? Is the space inviting? Depending on your product, provide food, water, seating and/or a fresh scent.

  1. Forgetting Lasting Impressions

Speaking of scent, one’s memory is often triggered strongly by one’s sense of smell. Giving your booth a district smell, with a candle or more up to fire code, a fresh scent spray, will stay with your clients. Face to face contact will also boost recognition of your company in the long run. Hand out fun business cards made up of uncommon materials, the sense of touch can also be a good memory trigger. Think of which booth experiences stay with you after a show, what senses did they activate?

  1. Not Showing your Green

With the trade show industry coming only in second to the construction industry in most produced waste, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, attendees take into account when you make green decisions. Are the materials used in your display sustainable? If you make the choice to use recycled materials and packaging for your display, let your clients know about it. Use LED lights to reduce energy waste and send the message that your company cares about the environment.