4 Easy Steps to Sign Repair

4 Easy Steps to Sign Repair

Keeping up with social media postings, e-blasts, and other advertising methods may seem like a constant drain on your time. Remember that keeping your solid signs in mint condition is also crucial to your brand’s image and appearance in the community.

  1. Maintain your signage

While the weather is nice during the spring, take advantage of the outdoors to check for cracks, mold, rust, or other damage to your outdoor signs. Also check those indoor spots at the back of your mind, like bathroom signs and vinyl banners in storage, to reduce the build up from the winter months.

  1. Assess the damage

If you do notice a change in your sign’s appearance and function, decide how extensive the damage is. Is the wiring on your electrical sign shot? How big is the crack in your outdoor display? A small crack might seem like something to overlook, but remember maintenance is key. Cracks can quickly escalate, a little bit of mold can quickly spread, and rust can quickly wear down your sign surfaces.

  1. Ask for help

You may be able to handle the routine maintenance of cleaning your signs with the special detergent offered by your sign carrier. When it comes to bigger issues that require more of an expertise, don’t be afraid to ask for help. At Kachina Sign Center in Tucson, take advantage of the annual maintenance plan and free assessment. You can help your business thrive instead of toiling away on sign repair.

  1. Protect against future distress

In Tucson, sun damage is a real concern for your outdoor and indoor signs. You can keep one step ahead of the sun by using UV resistant laminate on outdoor signs. For your indoor signs, pull down the shades to prevent sun exposure. Also consider getting your windows tinted. You can also install an awning for both indoor and outdoor sign protection, and increase your advertising space.

The care and maintenance you put into your signs is often seen as a direct reflection of the amount of effort you’re willing to offer with your service. Don’t let sign repair slip through the cracks. Contact Kachina Sign Center in Tucson for more information on maintenance plans and get your free inspection if you see something is awry. https://kachinasigncenter.com/business-signs/sign-repair/