5 Factors of Sign Visibility

For a sign to be impactful and visible, several factors must come into play. These five factors work together to ensure that your sign can easily be noticed, it is readable and understood by the viewers. These factors are size, location, sign angle, contrast, and luminance. Let’s look at each element in detail.


If the sign is too small, it will not be easy for the viewers to notice it let alone read the message. However, this does not mean that a larger sign is always the best. If the sign is too big, it will take the viewer a considerable amount of time to read it in a single glance, and this means that most viewers will not read it because it is time-consuming. Therefore, ensure that your sign is just the right size. You can achieve this by working with a professional who will give you the correct dimensions depending on the location and the message you want to put across.

Sign angle

It is not rocket science to know that people see things from different angles. Viewers see things clearly when they are directly opposite or in front of them. A slight adjustment either above, below or tilt away from the viewer changes the visibility of that sign. Therefore, you should place the sign at the right angle where it is visible and can be read clearly.


The location of the sign is significant. A person cannot clearly see the sign if it is covered by trees, it is behind another sign, behind buildings or it is blocked by pedestrians or vehicles. Place the sign in a location that is open, free from objects and is not too high for viewers to see whether they are on foot or in a vehicle.


If you want a useful sign, you must consider luminance of that sign. During the day, a sign that is made from any type of material is visible because of the sunlight. But if you want a sign that will work for you even when it is dark, luminance is essential. Some signs work well with reflective light while others require internal luminance for them to visible.


Different colors have different contrast. For example, fonts in yellow color on a grey background or grey color on a black background are not legible. The contrast you choose for your fonts and sign in general also plays a vital role in ensuring the visibility of the sign. This can only be achieved if you seek the services of a professional sign designer.
Proper visibility of your sign is essential in enabling viewers to see and read what you are trying to get across. Considering all the above factors will ensure that your sign is visible at all times.