5 Great Ideas for Your Business Signage

A good commercial signage can prove to be a valuable investment for any business. Signs make it easy for businesses to advertise themselves effectively. With that in mind, it is imperative to ensure that your business signage is informative, creative, purposeful and eye-catching before mounting it. Signs that define a high level of professionalism are the key to a successful brand awareness campaign. An attractive professional sign can have tremendous benefits for your company, whereas a terrible one can easily delay your success. Are you planning on installing a new sign for your business?

Here are 5 great ideas for your business signage

1. Elevated Business Signage

Elevated signs can make all the difference for your business provided you get it right. Combining your imagination with creativity when using elevated business signage can have great benefits for your small company. For effectiveness, elevated signage should be placed strategically for easy visibility. If used properly, these commercial signs can have tremendous effects on your business. Additionally; they allow you to build a solid reputation for your company leading to immense success.

2. A-frame Signs

A-Frame Signs are tailored to get your company noticed by potential customers. Their portability, visibility, and versatility make them a perfect marketing tool for small businesses such as salons, restaurants, and hotels among others. In addition, A-frame signs are great tools for promoting upcoming special events, giving directions and advertising your best selling products. They can be in form of plastic, iron, metal or steel frames making it easy for business owners to make a sleek first impression through attention grabbing exterior signage.

3. Neon Signs

Neon signs are excellent tools for driving traffic to your business. Business owners should capitalize on these incredibly effective and affordable marketing tools to transmit their commercial messages effectively. A professionally installed neon sign can promote your brand identity and reputation in an appealing manner. For better results, include your brand logos, memorable wording and make them colorful for easy recognition. With their extremely impressive visibility at night, you can effectively grab your target market’s attention even when you are closed for the night. Generally; neon signs are not only exciting, and dramatic but perfect for brand awareness 24/7.

4. Clear Window Decals & Vinyl Lettering

Clear window decals& vinyl lettering can be customized fully to inform potential customers about your business hours, products/services, prices, offered discounts and much more. The good thing about these commercial signs is that they can be positioned on your storefront’s display windows directly. If used correctly, clear window decals & vinyl lettering can effectively drive increased foot traffic to your business.

5. Informational Signage/Directional Pointers

Informational signage also referred to as way finding signage, organizational, directional or departmental signage can be utilized properly to advertise your business immensely. They are designed to provide concise and self-explanatory commercial messages to your potential customers. They are more effective when all important factors such as fonts, colors, and designs are put into consideration. This type of signage is tailored to allow customers to navigate your business conveniently. Contact our Kachina Sign center team of highly experienced and knowledgeable experts for professional commercial signage assistance.