5 Ways to Improve your Business with Custom Signs

The art of attraction can be very complex. To ensure your customized sign is attracting the right crowd, follow these signage tips.

  1. Show your shape

Just like we live in a world with people of all shapes and sizes, every business has their own unique way of taking up space. Whether it’s your logo or best selling product, the image you choose to represent your business is important. It will stick with your costumer and might even cause them to walk your way when they see a similar image on the streets. Play with the overall shape of your sign to emphasize your image.

  1. Make it pop

After seeing the entrance to your building day in and day out, you can grow jaded to the nuances that make your business unique. Really utilizing your indoor and outdoor signs to add contrast and pizazz to your space can help your business stand out. It can also direct traffic flow. Often passersby are not tuned into their surroundings. Adding a vibrant sign can disrupt their mind numbing flow and awaken them to the opportunities your business can provide.

  1. Say it your way

Having a customized sign allows you to tell your story with your own words. Just like a change in color or design alert your costumer of your brand, offering a unique slogan or call to action lets costumers know you are not a cliche.

  1. Coordinate color

When people think of attention grabbing colors, they usually think of neon or bright shades of orange, yellow, or red. While bold and bright colors are important, what’s even more beneficial is making those colors complement your message. Use color to create accents and draw attention to the most important information on your signs. Whether this is your contact information, website, or message, remember to use contrast between foreground and backgrounds. This will help costumers to be drawn to  your signs, but not sent into a tizzy of confusion.

  1. Show what your made of

Being able to customize your sign also lets you use the material that’s right for you. Whether that’s slick and chic vinyl, dark and daring metal, or the playful strokes of paint. Choose the material that best reflects your business’s style.

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