8 Creative Booth Ideas for Your Next Event

Trade shows and conventions are the in-thing among the Millenials. Following how these shows attract many people, businesses are now adapting to the use of booths to promote their brands. We can help you design a booth that will beat your competition and attract a sizable number among the attendees. An important piece of knowledge we can share is that do not underestimate the power of having a booth that pops. Remember your audience is in one place and they have several choices to visit for a limited amount of time. Hence, your booth should not be inconspicuous. To avoid such a situation, here are 8 ideas for your booth

1. Add color

It is very difficult not to notice something bright. Now imagine using bright colors with awesome graphics for your booth. The combination will be hard to resist. Therefore, you can contact us for banners and posters with such elements for your booth.

2. Have a theme for your booth

Opting for a brand theme spices up your booth. The theme displays the company’s story and can include the brand’s colors. Your backdrops and other booth items should not divert from your chosen them for the event.

3. Offer giveaways

In this case, be different from other booths and be unique. The giveaways can be games prizes, electronic gadgets, and brand swags. Pairing these with free Wi-Fi, and charging stations will definitely attract traffic and keep them engaged to your brand

4. Add engaging activities

To build a connection with your brand, people need to feel welcomed, engaged and have fun. Therefore having contests and games in your booth will help spread the word and within no time, people will be crowded at your booth. Offering VR options is also a fun way to add life to the booth.

5. Add a photo booth

Besides having promotional photos for your website, having a photo op gives brands a chance to know their customers better and they can use it to direct them to their site for photo downloads. To avoid being boring, add some interesting props and backdrops.

6. Arrive in style

Trade show events are all about publicity. Thus a wrapped up company vehicle is an added advantage. No matter where it’s parked, people will want to visit the booth for more information and excitement.

7. Go big

You want a booth that screams for the attendee’s attention. Large signage and backdrops, gigantic architectural designs and objects will do exactly that.

8. Use social media

Where else is the best place to spread the word if not on social media platforms? Using the event’s hashtag, you can showcase your previous booth and current booth so as people can get excited to visit it. Adding information such as the prices to be won and what type of activities you have lined up also creates a buzz.

Having a memorable booth is quite a challenge but with the above ideas, it becomes easy. If you have trouble changing your booth’s look and design for the different events, we are ready to help.