The ABCs of A-Frame Signs

The ABCs of A-Frame Signs

Whether you’re walking on the sidewalk downtown near local businesses and cafes, or driving around the city, A-frame signs are easy to spot. They are a great way for your business to run a promotion and literally stop traffic. Your A-frame sign is your perfect accessory to let your costumers know about  what your business has to offer.


You know what you do well and what your business has to offer. Now it’s time to dangle the carrot. Are you offering a price slashing sale? Are you featuring a new top of the line product? Or are you a restaurant that offers a weekly special? Think about what makes your business current. What’s the latest news or service you can offer your costumers? Make sure to share your message in a simple and clear way. Make your text bold and big for passersby. Consider using a logo or symbol that costumer’s can identify with. 

Bring people inside

Make your A-frame sign the honey pot that brings in costumers from all over. Once you’ve accentuated what your business has to offer, it’s time to initiate your call of action. “Stop now,” “Come inside,” or “Shop now,” are all examples of ways to entice people to enter your place of business. Drawing an arrow to direct your costumer’s gaze is also a good use for your A-frame sign, especially if your business is in a hard to spot area. Leave a trail of signs leading to your front door. Remember to make your message  allusive, draw people in with curiosity. “First timer deal-ask inside for details,” is an example of a message that promises a reward, but requires action on the part of the costumer.

Chose colors wisely

You want to make your A-frame sign stand out from the neutral sidewalks, brick walls and decorated windows it’s up against. Contrast is a key component to making your message pop. Try pairing bold lettering with a solid background. Your color choice should reflect your brand and general store ambiance. If you’re a casual cafe or coffee shop, consider using a chalkboard-like sign with hand decorated lettering. For your restaurant’s happy hour consider using bright reds and oranges with enticing pictures of your specialty drink. Have your sign’s color hint at what you have to offer your clients.

A-frame signs are a portable and versatile way to draw attention to your business. For more information on how to use one for your business, contact Kachina Sign Center in Tucson. (