ADA and Safety Signs

All businesses are required to be ADA compliant as required by law. It is your responsibility as a businessperson to ensure that you provide a secure business environment for your clients and staff through safety and ADA signs. It is legally mandatory for all businesses, buildings, job sites or stores to ensure that everyone who accesses their facilities feel safe and welcome. Safety and ADA signs are the best option for guaranteeing everyone’s safety.

Why are ADA and Safety Signs necessary for your business?

Here’s why

  1. Legally Mandatory

ADA and safety signs are an integral requirement for all businesses according to law. Every business is required to display these vital signages in all important areas.Additionally,ADA compliance includes meeting certain regulations set by the relevant authorities which include ADA signs height,colors,and the readability of lettering among others.

  1. Accessibility

ADA signs play a significant role in making your business premises more accessible for your clients, visitors and staff. These signs play the role of directing people to various entrances, restrooms, elevators, boardrooms/conference facilities, services and emergency exits for easy accessibility. It is a requirement to include Braille lettering and making them easily visible for convenience purpose. Your visitors are more likely to feel comfortable, treasured and cared for when the right ADA and safety signs are put in place for their own convenience.

  1. Safety purpose

All businesses are required to ensure that they keep those who access their facilities safe, accessible and comfortable. The best way of achieving this is through ADA and safety signage. These signs are normally used to mark hazardous areas such as heavy machinery, high-pressure valves, harmful materials/chemicals, high voltage breakers and slippery floors among others. This type of signage is also used to inform both employees and visitors that they require the right equipment/clothing to access or work in certain areas for their own safety. Overlooking the essence of these signs can land you on the wrong side of the law, lead to substantial financial losses in damages settlements, deaths, permanent injuries and even business closure for ADA non-compliance.

  1. Identify Emergency Exits, Fire alarms and fire extinguishers

You can use ADA and Safety signs to guarantee the safety of your employees, visitors and clients. These signs are excellent for identifying important equipment/areas such as fire extinguishers, fire alarms and emergency exits. All these will allow people to make the right decisions in case of emergency.Lastly,these signs prevent curious or mischievous individuals from messing around with vital safety equipment such as fire alarms and fire extinguishers unless where necessary.

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