Adhering To ADA and Safety Signage

Running a successful business requires one to abide by the laws put in place to protect the company, employees, and customers. One such law is ADA compliance. The details of this law are provided in the American Disabilities Act of 1990. The act is a way of protecting people with disabilities in the workplace. Therefore, businesses should have ADA compliant signage within their establishments as well as safety signs as per the OSHA laws. We specialize in these and many other signage that you may require in Tucson AZ so don’t sweat it. However, it’s good to familiarize yourself with these laws.

Since the ADA and safety signage is a requirement, you should never neglect putting up these signs; otherwise, you might be in big trouble. Also, the signs need to be in accordance with the regulations governing their installation. That is, make sure they have the right lettering, they are readable, and they are at the correct height. For ADA signs, they should be in braille, located adjacent to the door, have a light-dark contrast, and be written in serif typestyle. Well, we have the specifics down if you feel this is too much to handle.

In terms of the safety signs, they too need to be visible to keep your employees and customers safe. Whether it’s the ’caution’ sign during cleaning or the high voltage sign, they have to be located precisely where accidents can happen if neglected. For big plants dealing with hazardous materials, signs of proper dress codes should be put up at the point of entry to remind employees to observe their safety.

In fact, the entry and exit points aren’t the only places to put these signs. They can be put in elevators, restrooms, service rooms, lobbies, and so forth. Basically, anywhere they will be visible, and they will serve to avert danger.

To aid you to know which signs to put where there are three classifications of ADA and safety signage you should know. That is; danger signs, warning signs, and cautions signs. Danger signs are mostly used in places with high voltage, chemical hazards, high-pressure gas piping, and any dangerous hazard. The signs are accompanied by the word “DANGER,” making them hard not to see. ‘WARNING” signs signal potential danger form unsafe practices while “CAUTION” signs signal at situations that may result in moderate injuries.

Depending on your business, we can install the necessary signage to assist in enhancing ADA compliance and safety. Keep your workplace safe with the right signage today!