Advantages of hiring a local sign company versus a franchise

Case study: Kachina Sign Center.

Kachina Sign Center is a local sign shop in Tucson, Arizona. We have years of experience in delivering high quality signs and excellent customer service.  From the initial consultation to design to delivery and installation, Kachina Sign Center is your one-stop shop for business signage in Tucson.

As a local enterprise we offer our customers numerous advantages as compared to when they opt to franchise.

Close Feeling

Kachina sign center always gives you a close feeling, while you are working with them. If you are working with a firm that is based in your city, then you will probably feel that they are very close to you. You need any kind of help, you can always go to them and demand the solution to your problem that you are facing in your business with them. Being from your hometown we always establish a strong relationship with the customer and try to make you satisfied and give you a sense of closeness.

Control and Freedom

Unlike franchise, Kanchina allows freedom of customization as compared to the former where strictly the rules stipulated are strictly followed. The franchiser dictates how the business is to be run and the procedures to be followed. There are always restrictions on where you operate, the products you sell and the suppliers you use.

Saves Time and Resources

Most franchisors are likely in other parts of the county. Kachina Sign Center is locally owned and operated. We eliminate all these costs since all one has to do is access our local shops and order according to your specifications.

Legal Procedures and Risks

Franchising would mean that the agreement is formal. There has to be legal steps like signing of contracts, where there are legal consequences if the terms are violated like being sued for damages, trade restrictions, and court arraignment. Local hiring on the other hand doesn’t require all these procedures and minimizes the worry for the customer for risking legal action.

Right to Sell

One consideration of the franchisee is the value that can be realized from the resale of the business in future. Franchising removes this option completely from the former’s options since they don’t have the right to resale to a third party. With Kachina Sign Center, the customer has no boundaries. They can purchase in bulk and resell to the parties of their own will.


In some cases, the franchisee may become over dependent to the franchisor’s support making them even unable to make their own independent decision. Such a scenario makes the franchisee a disguised worker for the franchisor and thus their business doesn’t