Advertising Your Brand Message with Window Graphics

Window graphics are some of the most trusted advertising products to spread your brand message most compellingly. Business owners can find window graphics in various styles, types, and size ranges. In addition, window graphics can also be customized depending on the business’s unique requirements.

We know that the advertising industry is constantly evolving, and people are switching to online marketing strategies. But it doesn’t mean that you can ignore traditional marketing ideas. When you are interested in diverting heavy foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar store, it is essential to use some unmistakable signs around. The great news is that some creative and experienced graphic designers can help you install window decals and graphics for both exteriors and interior windows. They can spread the brand message while guiding visitors about the latest offers, deals, and products available on your platform.

Types of Window Graphics:

There are generally two main types of window graphics: first, surface graphics are designed on the exterior side of a door or window, whereas second, surface graphics are applied on the interior side of the window. Depending upon their appearance and design, window graphics can be divided into the following types:

  • Transparent graphics: As the name indicates, they are see-through type and can contain text or graphics. The colored portion of the text or graph is visible on the window, and the rest all blends perfectly well with the glass.
  • Translucent graphics: Translucent graphics are the same as transparent graphics, but they have a backlit feature as an additional advantage. The translucent images are visible to viewers during night hours and evening.
  • Perforated graphics: Better named as one-way vision graphics. They allow people to see out but not in. For example, the exterior of the office windows can be covered using graphics; however, the tiny holes allow people inside the building to observe the activities outside. Therefore, they are more suitable for vehicle windows.
  • Opaque graphics are not see-through; instead, they are designed with solid colors such as pure white. The text and graphic content are printed on the film; however, the non-printed area stays visible on the window.
  • Etched glass vinyl: When looking for window graphics with fast application and removal ability, etched glass vinyl may serve your needs. They can help you achieve a look of textured, sandblasted glass in the window.

There are so many benefits of using window graphics for brand promotion. First, they ensure enhanced versatility and durability. You can consider permanent or removable design options to meet specific branding requirements. When installed carefully, they can provide an ideal solution for built-in advertising. Businesses find them excellent for promoting company sales, deals, and special offers. Other than this, they can maintain enhanced privacy at the workplace. You can contact Kachina Sign Center Tucson professionals to design the most impressive window graphics for your business.