Attaining Consistency in Your Brand Through Your Signage

It is not enough to just settle on one signage type. This is why most businesses will invest in multiple signage types such as window graphics, yard signs among others. Through having all the different signs, they reap more benefits than even spending in traditional marketing in a bid to spread the word about their brand. However, a rule of thumb about venturing into various signage is that you need to keep to your existing branding. There is no use coming up with branding that your clients might not recognize as part of your brand. By being consistent in your brand, you’ll get more brand recognition as well as reinforce your efforts in creating the brand. So how do you ensure consistency in your brand? Here’s how to provide this:


The first item that should appear in all of your brandings is the logo. It should be prominent on your letterheads to your yard sign since it makes it clear that the piece is an item in your brand. Additionally, it makes it easy for clients to trace you later if they are impressed by what they see. The logo is therefore very impactful in marketing because it creates an impression on the person that views it. Furthermore, the more exposure a person gets over a company’s name, the more they are likely to trust that company.


There are two ways to go with colors. The first one is using the same colors in your branding to strengthen the link between those colors and the brand. However, at times, you may attempt to create contrast or say, working with holiday-specific colors. In this case, you can use the seasonal colors as the central color scheme, but ensure that you also include your brand colors in there too.


The messaging in your brand should remain consistent in your brand’s voice. For instance, if your television advertisements are light-hearted but your signage is more serious, people might assume that the two represent different companies or worse, you’re not trustworthy because of the tone shift. You might attempt to strike a balance in all walks of life but remaining consistent is essential in breeding trust.

The main reason to invest in signage is for your customers to recognize you. However, the signage can, in turn, drive away the customers or be ineffective if it is not consistent with your brand. At Kachina Sign Center, we will guide you in developing signage that is consistent with your branding. Contact us for more information.