Banner Finishing Options

Once you print your banners, you will need some finishing, particularly on the edges. There are different options that an individual may embrace depending on the preference and what works best. They include:

Banner tape

This looks awesome on short-term and straightforward indoor functions. Basically, banner tapes are quick as well as secure. A banner tape is a double-sided adhesive that devised to be used with all vinyl banners.


With hemming, you need to fold edges of a banner whereby you heat-weld that particular material. Interestingly, this option offers banners with an exquisite finished look as well as an added intensity.

Heat Seams and Radio Frequency Weld

Heat Seams and RF welding instruments make it easy to create seams and also edges. This equipment gives edges a strong and a consistent as well as an invisible finish.


This is one of the most popular options to offer to your clients. It is also a way of hanging a banner with a rope, hanging clips, bungee cords among others. Mostly the hems of the banners are a one-inch fold which is then heat-sealed to make it more durable and also achieve a smooth edge.

Grommets can be used with or without hems. Grommets with no hems help maximize the space for printing for your company’s name, message or logo. Banners may also be used without grommets depending on your preference such as clips as dictated by the location where the banner will be hung. Essentially, fastening grommets offer a wide range of mounting alternatives. It is worth noting that hems and grommets prevent tearing of the banners mainly when you hung them outdoors. If you opt to use grommets, use as many as possible.


Interestingly, it is possible to sew a piece of a rope into the banner’s hem. The cord is useful while hanging banners from objects with nothing damaged. It is a perfect option for banners that ought to be attached from top and bottom with poles with a larger width.

Nylon webbing

This is a reinforcement that is sewn in the hems of banners in an attempt to provide additional durability in all outdoor conditions.

Wind Slits

If you are in an area subject to strong winds, then wind slits are the best solution to allow wind pass. On the other hand, you can use mesh banners as they allow wind to pass through.

Conclusively, the banner as mentioned above finishing options are all awesome depending on your requirements, preference and also location. Ensure you are well informed of the finishing options before making your selection.