Benefits of Exterior Business Signs

If you own a brick and mortar business of any sort, you know how important it is to maintain your establishment’s clean exterior appearance. One way to take your promotional efforts a step further is by installing an exterior sign on your storefront.

Exterior signs give you the ability to infuse your sense of style, character, and personality into your business’s representation. At Kachina Sign Center, we offer a high-quality exterior sign installation services that comply with all local building codes and permits.

Our exterior sign specialists will help you come up with a concept design for your sign to ensure it has the most impact on your potential customers.
Why You Should Install An Exterior Sign
Exterior signs highlight your building and business, making it stand out against other companies nearby. Exterior signs also give you the ability to establish a brand identity with your customers.

Let’s say you own a company and have an outlet in more than one location, by installing the same exterior sign outside all of them; your customers will recognize your business regardless of where they are easy.

There are several different exterior signs for you to choose from; each of them offers their benefits depending on your business’s style and industry.

Here are some of the most readily available exterior sign styles available:

  • Channel Letter Storefront
  • Storefront Signs
  • Pole Signs
  • Awning & Canopy Signs
  • Panel & Post Signs
    A-Frame Signs

These exterior sign styles have their benefits in terms of how visible they are in different lighting, the types of colors you can use in the design, how large you can make it, and any special effects that can be added.

If you’re unsure about what sign style is right for your business, ask our team for some advice, and they will be glad to assist you with making the right decision. We offer a wide range of different exterior sign options and styles that allow you to find the exact match that will work with your business the best.

Our team can assist you with learning how to configure your sign timer, control mechanisms, and more before we leave to take full advantage of your new promotional tool.
Let Us Help You Promote Your Business!
We have years of experience in the exterior sign installation industry, so we will assist you with any request or design ideas that you may have. All of our exterior signs are competitively priced.

We ensure that we clean our client’s storefront after installing their new exterior sign to provide their customers don’t slip or injure themselves on any of the materials used in the process.

Our exterior signs are available in manufactured, professionally designed, and installed sign formats. Contact us at Kachina Sign Center today so we can help you!