Best Materials for Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs are essential to businesses. They not only help you advertise but also pass on information. For instance, an outdoor sign could contain relocation details of a business, give directions, display political aspirant’s agendas and so on. After finding the purpose, the next thing will be finding the best material that can withstand weather elements and at what size you want it to be. For smaller sizes, even paper is great as long as it is waterproofed. But in case you want something relatively big and long-lasting, try outdoor signs made from these materials:


In the many years, we have been in business, aluminum signs are the most popular choice when it comes to outdoor signage. First off, they come in five different sizes (thickness) but only three are common. That is the 0.40 gauge thickness like the political campaign signs, the 0.80 gauge thickness such as the street signs. This thickness makes the signs sturdier. And finally, the 0.125 thickness signs which are for heavy-duty signs e.g. hazardous material signage, and highway signs.
The aluminum signs are pliable, lightweight, durable and very affordable. Once erected, the signs are eye-catching and weather elements do not have any effects on them.


Dibond is made of a plastic core and is surrounded by an aluminum surface. In case you want something better than aluminum, this is it. The core adds to its strength and thickness while the surface makes up for weather resilience. We can shape your sign in whatever size and shape you want since Dibond is easy to work with.


Vinyl banners are no match for bitter cold, extremely hot weather and high winds. Therefore, vinyl is perfect for the outdoors. Vinyl signs are cheaper compared to the aluminum and Dibond and they provide room for any significant change and transformation. However, its shortcoming is that they can only be used for temporary events. So unless you are willing to put in the extra effort to care for the signs, vinyl cannot last more than a year. Their inexpensiveness and short sign life make vinyl perfect for a sales event, campaigns, new office location and opening of new businesses.


This material is an “improved version” of wood. They are professional, resistant to harsh weather and has the same look as wood. It is a better version since you will have to treat wood for it to last longer while for the dura-wood signs they already have that feature.

Apart from these materials, any other choice you may choose to go with may need extra attention and waterproofing. The above is designed to handle any kind of weather making them the best materials for outdoor signage.