Best Ways to Hang Banners

Banners are widely used by many companies and businesses for brand awareness. They make great tools for advertising as they are inexpensive, simple to make, eye-catching, memorable, reusable, durable, good for target marketing and sustainable. With all these advantages people will jump on to the idea of using banners without even considering facts such as how to hang them. Since they can be used at any occasion such as shop fronts, trade shows, parties, and sports events, you need the knowledge on how you can make the most out of the banners in these locations. Not all have a place to hang. Without further ado, let us look at some ways to do so;

On a table

During open-air shows, tables are mostly the only option, especially during conventions. So the way to go about hanging banners on tables is by using screws. The intervals of the holes to drill on the table should be as that of the grommet spacing for the banner to be straight. Also, you can use hooks and zip ties to hold the banner in case drilling isn’t an option. The size of the table and banner should be put into consideration for the best outcome.

Banners on walls

Hanging banners on walls can be destructive. Using screws and adhesive solutions will leave slight damage to the wall. Nevertheless, if it’s allowed and you have the tools for these methods, then by all means. But in case you want a more versatile and flexible method, using hanging structures or stands is the way to go. With banner stands, you have the freedom to move the banner around and you can easily adjust the frame. For hanging structures, they are already there. You can use window grills, poles or wall structures to tie cords to hang the banner.

Banners on concrete walls

Concrete walls provide the freedom to use adhesive solutions since the walls are durable. One can also use hanging structures and banner stands. For concrete walls, using screws isn’t an option.

Banners outsides

There are a lot of options for hanging banners outside. For example, street lamps can be used, the side of buildings, tree stamps, and even dedicated banner stands on highways. However, when hanging banners outside, the conditions change. You need to consider the safety of people and the banners. You need to consider the weather conditions as well. Consequently, ensure that your banner is fastened well to avoid accidents

It is that simple. Through these methods, your banner will stay up for as long as you want. The bottom line is, pay attention to safety and nothing can go wrong.