Boat Wraps

Boat wraps are laminated and printed vinyl that is tailored to envelop a watercraft with an attractive graphic design. The main objective is to render the boat with a new, enchanting look and safeguard its original finish from losing its appeal. Although boat wraps are commonly employed to improve the aesthetics of the boats but, businesses have started using them for commercial sign purposes to increase brand awareness.

However, the catch is, your plans for conveying the highlights of your company and the brand coherence can fail if the boat wraps are not installed correctly. A poorly-curated boat wrap might just have the opposite effect. This is where we come in. With our experience comes a deep understanding, we can assure you that we will utilize designing and wrapping technique that will work with distinct types of marine vehicles.

  • Affordable boat wraps

As opposed to the traditional methods of advertisement, market experts and strategists consider boat wraps to be immensely versatile, dynamic, and most importantly, affordable. If a watercraft, encompassed in colorful and attractive wrap sails around the shore of a river or sea, people are bound to cast a glance at it. Unlike the generic billboards that lose their voice amongst several others like them, customized boat wraps flaunt a pleasing character of their own and make sure that people turn around and look at whatever is illustrated on them.

  • Durable boat wraps

If you compare vinyl and standard paint in terms of longevity, you will find realize that the former is way more impressive. At Kachina Sign Center, we use top-quality 3M vinyl.  Let us also assure that the designs put up on them will be attractive and impactful even if it is exposed to the harshness of saltwater, sun, and the wind.

All of us may realize vinyl can be more easily scratched than the original finish of the boat but, the question is how easily and economically can you repair each of these two? Our full-service sign company will assist you in removing the damaged portion of the vinyl wrap and patching it but with bits that have a similar design, finish, and texture, and now one will ever be able to spot the difference.

Get in touch with us today for a new boat wrap. Our team of experts will guide you throughout the process.