Brand image: Need a Reception Sign?

In an increasingly crowded and competitive market place, brand image and brand identity are essential in enhancing competitive advantage. One way for companies to improve their personality and overall brand image is through having a modern and trendy office-place. Office reception areas are especially important in communicating a positive vision about a company. Reception areas are the first place that visitors to an office or business premises see. According to experts, the reception area can provide a sense of identity for businesses as well as communicate values such as creativity, technological savviness, and even professionalism.

One of the most overlooked components of reception areas is a high-quality reception sign. Primarily, reception signage communicates the personality and identity of the company, assuring visitors, and clients that they are in the right place. For example, a sign that reads “Reception” is not only dull and boring but is also indicative of a lack of creativity.

More than Identity

Apart from the identity, reception signs communicate just about anything. For example, reception signs could indicate the operating hours of a company, contact details, a directory of departments, or even the location of amenities such as elevators and rest-rooms. Luckily, all of this information need not be crammed in a single reception sign. Instead, businesses can have multiple reception signs. According to experts, however, companies should strive for uniformity when they use numerous reception signs. This approach could mean using similar fonts, color schemes, materials, and design patterns.

Different Types of Signage

Popular types of reception signage include:

  • LED signs
  • Engraved signage
  • Dimensional signage
  • Floor decals
  • Banners
  • Murals
  • ADA signs

What to Consider

Businesses that intend to install reception signage should consider several things top among them being the uniqueness of the signs. Unique signs are likely to have higher visibility. Additionally, businesses should ensure reception signage is easy to read and understand. The use of contrasting colors, borders, and big fonts all contribute to the readability of signage.

What about Costs?

The pricing of reception signage is dependent on several factors. One of these is the size of the signage. Additionally, materials used on signage may also affect the pricing, with some coming at a higher cost than others. Other factors that may affect pricing include color and effects used on signs.

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