Is Your Business Making These ADA Sign Mistakes in Tucson, AZ?

ADA signages are a necessity in all businesses as regulated by law. While many businesses in Tucson, AZ get the ADA signage installation, design and mounting right, others don’t. Coincidentally, ADA signs compliance regulations demand that all key aspects and rules be adhered to by all companies or businesses. Those who decide to ignore the given guidelines are more likely to make endless ADA signage mistakes. On the other hand, some people are simply clueless on what is needed in regard to these signs. What are some of the most prevalent ADA signs mistakes in Tucson, AZ?

They include the following:

  1. Ignoring the inclusion of Braille

Businesses that fail to include Braille in their ADA signage leave themselves susceptible to hefty fines for non-compliance of the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. To avoid stiff penalties, it is imperative to ensure that your ADA signage has adequate space for compliant tactile characters and rule. Ignoring Braille may send the wrong signal that you are not a customer service oriented business. The inclusion of Grade II Braille in your ADA signs is the easiest way of gaining the reputation of a business that cares about all its customers indiscriminately. Additionally, you can get the privilege of having your business included in various pamphlets and directories that aim at making life easier for blind customers.

  1. Getting the Mounting Position incorrect

Neglecting to mount your ADA signage in the right location can be detrimental. Kachina Sign Center in Tucson, AZ is always ready to assist those struggling with the ADA signs positioning. Working with highly qualified professional signage fabricators will ensure that your ADA signage is mounted at the right height for easy visibility, safety, and convenience.

  1. Poor Text Spacing

Poor text spacing is a common ADA signage mistake businesses in Tucson, AZ commit. It is therefore important to ensure that your letter spacing is right for effectiveness purpose. It is extremely difficult for people to understand poorly spaced lettering. For convenience and visibility purposes, it is essential to ensure that your ADA signage text spacing is correct as per the set standards.

  1. Choosing incorrect Fonts

Another common ADA signage mistake some businesses in Tucson, AZ find themselves committing unknowingly is choosing wrong Fonts. Our Signage experts at Kachina Sign Center recommend that you select fonts that are readable when installing ADA signage. Ensure that your Fonts are not too small for readability purpose. Make your lettering large enough for individuals with a normal vision to read comfortably and conveniently. The best ADA Signs are normally in San Serif or Helvetica font’s formats.

Other prevalent ADA Signage mistakes businesses in Tucson, AZ should avoid include the use of strong texts with weak contexts and using too much text that’s meaningless. Choose Kachina Sign Center the leading signage fabricator in Tucson, AZ for top class ADA signage.