Can You Use Acrylic Signs for Outdoor Promotions?

Acrylic signs are made up of Methyl Methacrylate Monomer material, widely known as plexiglass. This material is popularly used for designing acrylic signs to meet a wide range of outdoor promotion needs. For example, you may commonly find these signs used for channel letters and illuminated outdoor signage.

Experts recommend acrylic signs more for their sophisticated and clean appearance. They have glass-like quality and that too without fragility. These acrylic materials’ smooth and transparent finish can be an ideal alternative to glass. Besides this, acrylic is rated as an incredibly versatile and durable material.

Why use acrylic signs outdoors?

The main reason acrylic signs can be used outdoors is that they are designed using rigid materials. However, experts prefer them to be designed with a durable plastic material that can sustain well in all weather conditions, even during peak winter and summer hours.

Even if you experience dramatic weather conditions, including freezing rain and golf ball-sized hail, these specially designed outdoor signs can serve you in the long run. Acrylic signs are shatter-resistant, which means even hailstorms cannot destroy them.

No matter what happens the outdoors, the acrylic signage will keep advertising your business to the target audience. The acrylic can handle unforeseen damage. At the same time, acrylics are capable enough to resist corrosion and rust. Signage designed with acrylic material is chemical and water-resistant as well. The acrylic signs can remain your good choice under harsh UV light conditions.

Things to know before installing acrylic signage:

Along with their extreme durability, acrylic signs are known for their lightweight finish, especially when compared to wood and glass signs. Due to their lightweight appeal, they are easily transported and installed at any distant location. Moreover, these signs are less likely to shatter and drop.

Due to their lightweight finish, acrylic signage can be installed easily on the rooftop of commercial buildings. Moreover, in case of company relocates, you will find them easier to transport to other locations.

It is possible to find acrylic signs in a wide range of thickness levels. Experts believe that the thickness level of signage is one of the main factors to decide its durability. Some of the most preferred thickness levels are ½, 3/8, ¼, and 1/8 inch. Experts usually recommend using 1-inch or ¾-inch thickness to ensure enhanced durability.

At the same time, business owners need to take care of the size of the sign. Depending upon the location and type of advertisement, you can consider using small size acrylic signs such as 24×24”; however, the jumbo size option is 48×96”. The product’s visual appeal is highly affected by the size of the signage.

If you are interested in designing acrylic signs at your business terminal, choosing the most durable and long-lasting material is good. Moreover, you have to be careful about regular maintenance and cleaning of these signs to leave a positive impact on viewers. Experts also advise installing illuminating signs that can advertise your business at night hours.