Caring for your Vinyl Car Graphics in Tucson

[fusion_text]After careful planning and deliberation, you’ve finally made the call. You’ve turned your car into a mobile advertisement, ready to show the world what your business has to offer. You pull out of your drive way, excited for your neighbors, friends and community to see your new car makeover, when splash-your sign is now soaked in mud and water. Or maybe you missed out on a covered parking space at work and your car has been soaking up the sun for too long. Whether your car is recovering from the monsoon season weather in Tucson, or the daily scorcher, there are ways to keep your vinyl car graphics in good shape.

Wash gently

It may be tempting to power wash or hose the dirt right off your vehicle. To ensure your vinyl graphic doesn’t tear, use a combination of warm water and mild detergent or soap. Test the detergent or soap out on a small section of your graphic to make sure no fading or damage occurs. A detergent with a pH between 3 and 11 is best. Use a soft sponge or cloth to gently scrub from the graphic from the top down. Rinse by pouring over a bucket of clean water, or using a hose on a very mild setting. For drying, use a microfiber cloth or allow to air dry.[/fusion_text]


Wax with care

Adding a wax or polish to your graphic may seem like the icing on top of your mobile marketing cake. Unfortunately, the wrong finish can deteriorate your vinyl graphic. Waxes with a carnauba-base or petroleum distillates are completely off-limits. Some water-based waxes like Turtle Wax Ice or Four Star Ultimate Spray Wax Plus may work if your graphic has a gloss finish. If you are uncertain about the products you can use, talk to your graphics installer.

Proceed with caution

Your vehicle is already a precious investment. Adding a vinyl graphic increases that investment. Take care when parking to find cool shady spaces away from trees or other objects that could tear your finish. Consider driving a spare vehicle during storms and severe weather. Make sure to remove spots as soon as they appear to avoid staining. The high elevation in Tucson increases the UV rays damaging effects, because the air is thinner and there is less protection.

For more care tips and advice on vehicle graphics, contact Kachina Sign Center in Tucson[/fusion_text]