Choosing between clear custom window decals and vinyl lettering

Window advertising is one of the commonest ways to getting customers into your premises. It is done through dressing up the storefronts or the adjacent windows. The common techniques that are used include cut vinyl lettering and clear window decals. Here is the difference between the two to help in making an informed decision depending on your store.

Clear window decals

A customized clear window decal is a sign that is designed and printed on a clear sheet called the window deco. The sign is printed in a single piece. During the installation, the piece is adhered to the window until and smoothed out. Unlike the other signage, the whole advertisement is in one piece and each individual letter or image does not adhere to the wall on its own.

The material on which the advertising is printed is optically clear and you would not know it is there unless you are really close to the window. This kind of advertising can be used in the inside and the outside of the premises building. Clear custom window decals can last for three to five years after installation.

Vinyl lettering

Vinyl lettering has a similar appearance to clear window decals but has a different method of production. Vinyl lettering uses a special adhesive vinyl cut directly from the material that is to be pasted on the window. This kind of vinyl cutting is only available in certain colors. However, you can have window decals of any color.

Vinyl lettering is more expensive than clear window decals especially when cutting complicated lettering images and logos. To ensure that the letters are correctly spaced, a masking transfer tape holds all the letters together from the top. During installation, the tape is adhered to the wall and the letters pressed on the window then the tape is removed.

You can use vinyl letter on both the inside and the outside of your premises to be read either from the inside or from the outside. Vinyl lettering can last over eight years when well-placed and taken care of and the area placed.

Make a choice

You can use either of the two depending on your need. However, for complex designs and logos, consider clear window decals. You can also select the design that you would like to use. For vinyl lettering, it works well for plain letters and numbers. It is also possible to swap letters and numbers later on, if you need to.