Corona Virus Signage

In tough times like this, when the entire world is experiencing mayhem, courtesy of coronavirus, the signs and graphics should mainly be impactful and represent the seriousness of the situation. However, considering the vast set of options that you will have at your disposal, choosing the most appropriate and informative signage would be nothing less than challenging.

This process is where the role of our company comes into play. We help you promote safe and profitable business operations with your signs.  We will also ensure that your coronavirus signage is customized according to the objectives.  Below are several insights into the types of coronavirus signage that you can get used for your company.

  • Wayfinding and safety hospital signs

When a hospital is dealing with a large-scale emergency like COVID-19, everyone, including the patients, their families, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers, must be furnished with information to know which direction to go. The immediate need is to avoid contact with those infected and maintain a safe distance from everyone in society. Along with the people battling COVID-19, there are several other patients with incredibly weak immunity and seek admission in the hospitals. These two groups of patients can be accommodated under the same roof only if they, the hospital authorities, and health workers comply with the recommended hygiene practices. Therefore, signage that allows faster customer support and operates as a reminder to follow the safety norms qualify as indispensables. To ensure that people visiting your hospital are paying heed to your message, you can get the safety and wayfinding signage printed on catching reflective papers. Simple, yet powerful signs such as the right ways of washing hands and wearing a mask, sanitizing and such others can indeed go a long way!

  • Nursing home signs

As we have mentioned, patients and medical employees should be made aware of the safest and shortest route of entering the nursing home premises, along with the essential pieces of information, proper directions, and warnings. Nursing home signs and way finders tailored to facilitate faster navigation, curb the chances of transmitting the disease by reducing physical contact, and remind people to abide by healthy hygiene habits can make a lot of difference in limiting this deadly virus.

  • Business update signage

For the local businesses that have been affected, either operating hours or other restrictions imposed by the government, we recommend those changes get communicated with the use of temporary signs created by Kachina Sign Center. Our team of professionals can design, build, and install multi-functional signage solutions.