Creating a Customized Wayfinding Sign for Your Bus

An efficient wayfinding system makes it easy to navigate through your location, be it a building that houses multiple tenants or a retail store. When creating a wayfinding sign system for your business, it should be customized to fit the area it is describing. The end goal is to fashion it such that it is intuitive and visitors find it easy to spot what they are in search of from product types to rooms such as conference rooms. So how does one come with a good wayfinding signs system for the business?

Here are some pointers:

Figure out the pain points

The first step is figuring out the areas in your business that may be hard to find. You have to view your place in the eyes of a visitor. What are the areas or things that are hard to find? For example, if you own a retail store, people may not be aware of the items that you sell in the back of the store because it’s not obvious when one walks in. Also, if your case is an office building, you might think that locating the conference room is a no-brainer because it’s close to the entrance but it turns out all the doors are similar. Write down a list of these and start from there.

Settle on colors

You can kill two birds with one stone in your navigation system. In addition to helping people find things or places in your business, you can use the system to further your brand. For this reason, use the colors in your brand in the navigation system. However, in the case where there is much navigation at stake, you can color code similar points. For example, a hardware store may have similar departments which you can assign a color for every department. This will make it very easy to find what one is looking for.


You can also choose to include symbols in your navigation system. In this case, the symbols should be both clear and obvious. The most effective symbols are directional arrows and they are intuitive. As for other symbols, they could be confusing. However, it’s not a reason not to use them. All you’ll have to do is ensure there is an easy-to-find key that will describe what they mean.

Clients need not get lost in your location as they try to get around. With a customized wayfinding sign system, you should be able to remedy this. At, Kachina Sign Center, we will help you develop a wayfinding sign system that is customized to your business. Contact us for more information.