Custom Neon Signs Tucson

It is not a business if it doesn’t have a sign!

Yes, your business won’t be recognized as such unless it has a custom neon sign that represents your brand and the core values why it exists. Kachina Sign Center is Tucson’s sign maker, which creates neon tubes for all businesses: restaurants, hotels, pizzerias, diners, pubs, and more. These businesses stand out because they have chosen the right sign manufacturers to create custom and personalized business signs. 

Neon Signs:

Customers in Tucson will recognize your business and its values through the signs you have chosen for your business. Light and LED neon signs come in different styles, different colors, different types, and mixed technology. What you want as your neon sign will have an impact on your business and govern all its touchpoints with customers in Tucson, AZ.

Custom Neon Signs:

Kachina Sign Center understands that it is only you who understands the core values of your business and why it exists. Therefore, we’ll let you create your signs. You can email us a photo of your custom neon sign, and we’ll use our equipment to produce the same ideas you have in mind. You can as well call us or visit us in-house. We’ll listen to you carefully and make sure the outcome lives up to your expectations.

LED Neon Signs:

We will produce quality neon LED, flexible, electric, and acrylic signs that emit no heat and are unbreakable. LED neon signs are perfect for home décor ideas and can be used for children play, bedrooms, office, man cave, living room, and special events for celebrations, weddings, or birthdays.

They are safe, cold, and shatterproof as opposed to glass neon signs. At Kachina Sign Center, we use our equipment to replicate any traditional neon signs.

To create your own custom LED neon signs, you can email us,

  • Ideas ( images, posters, or written ideas)
  • Sizes, dimensions and colors you want for your neon signs
  • Outdoor or indoor, business or for home use
  • The color of the background 

Business Neon Signs:

As a business, you’d want to choose the right sign for your own business. You have to think of your business sign as the most definitive aspect of it. It’s how customers recognize you, choose you or remember you for future contacts. Think of your business’s core values, the reason why it exists, what problems it solves, its message, and its culture. When you brainstorm all of these ideas, think of what color, dimension, typing, background, or message your neon sign should display. Then, contact us to discuss your ideas. We’ll create, replicate, or suggest the ideas that will make your business distinguishable and endurable.

Choose neon signs ideas: shapes, animals, symbols, texts, and more. 

Kachina Sign Center will produce any ideas you come up with.

Call us now and tell us what ‘s your ideal neon sign.