Why Custom Signs and Banners Are Effective Marketing Tools

Signs and banners are some of the most important elements of outdoor advertising. This is because of their numerous advantages and functions in terms of attracting customers and promotion of products. Signage is by far one of the proven marketing methods all over the world. You can use signs and banners to get your brand and products to your target audience. Custom signage is essential in popularizing your corporate identity. The following are reasons why custom signs and banners can work in your advertising efforts:

They are easily noticed by large numbers of people

Well-designed custom signs and banners are easily noticed by large numbers of people walking and driving by your business. An individual driving to work will notice a prominently placed banner. If the banner is well designed, a lasting impression will be made and the person will remember the message written on the banner or signage.


Signs and banners are not as expensive as they may seem to be. In fact, you can get an outdoor sign for as little as $100. This can be a very cost effective advertising strategy provided the banner or signage is placed in a strategic location. The cost of printing and setting up a banner or a sign depends on your needs, taste and preference. Some banners can cost up to $300 or more to print and set up, while others can cost less than $100.


This is yet another reason why Custom signs and banners are effective marketing tools that can be used by anyone who wants to get his or her message out there. Banners and signs can be taken down at any time and hanged elsewhere to suit your needs. They are not permanent and can be moved from one place to another.

They come in different sizes and shapes

There are different types of banners and signs available today. They also come with different display options. You can hang them across two buildings or trees, attach them directly to a building or you can use a fabric feather banner which moves freely with the wind. They are arguably the best outdoor advertising options that offer better value for your money.

They are attention grabbers

A great-looking custom sign or banner will not only grab the attention of the people viewing it, but it will also drive profits. A strategically placed and targeted sign can actually pay for itself in a single sale. This makes custom signage and banners a cost effective investment.