Do You Have Right Signage for Your Construction Project in Tucson?

It is not about whether you like to use construction site signs or not; this is the law in Tucson, and people need to obey it. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has already provided guidelines on various types of signages that must be used at construction project sites. They are essential for the safety of construction workers. Also, they help to guide visitors regarding the condition of the path ahead. Other than this, these signages present a handsome marketing opportunity to the construction companies.

There is a wide range of signs that one must use at construction sites in Tucson; few of them are listed below:

Caution and danger signs:

The caution signs are preferably designed with black lettering on a yellow background, whereas danger signs are designed with red lettering on a white base. You can find many signs with these colors in construction zones, and they are useful for workers and people moving around. When you place these safety signs around, the work gets done easily and quickly. Prefer to check all legal requirements associated with the job and follow adequate signages in the area.


it is essential to use barricades to prevent some unauthorized movements at the construction site. They act like obstruction for the motorists and guide them that work is on progress, and there is no path for vehicles.

Traffic and parking regulation signs:

It is also essential to organize the parking of contractors, workers, and heavy machinery at the construction site. Prefer to set up a specific route for the material deliveries and ensure that vehicles that just emptied their load also get the proper way to move out.

Fence markers:

General contractors prefer to hang information about their company on the fences at the site; it helps people identify the firm’s name that is handling the project. It is the most trusted way of advertisement for the construction company. Some professionals also prefer to highlight the artwork presenting a view of the finished project with the company name.

Safety instruction sign:

The list of safety instructions is usually displayed near first aid kits storage areas and in the break areas. These posters or sheets include the principle massage associated with expected behavior, do’s, and don’ts at the construction site.

Wayfinding signs:

Wayfinding signs can help newcomers to locate the project site with ease. For instance, if you have called a team of skilled trade workers visiting the site for the first time, the wayfinding signs can guide them with ease. They can start tasks without wasting time to find the markers.

Some of you might be interested in finding the most trusted experts to design signages for the construction site. It is good to book an appointment with experts at Kachina Sign Center in Tucson and discuss your requirements. They can help you design custom and most relevant signages as per your project site’s specific needs.