Effective Sign Design Benefits

Signs and banners are some of the most effective forms of unconventional advertising that are becoming so popular today. Some marketers suggest that half of the money spent on advertising is never recovered. But if you are in the advertising business you must make sure that every dollar counts. So how do you ensure that the money you invest in your marketing campaign does not go to waste?

Master the basics and do it right

The main reason why you are setting up or installing a signage is to advertise your business and get the message out there. Therefore, the sign has to be strategically positioned in such a way that it is visible and can easily be read. You need to place your sign where it can be viewed by your potential customers as well as other passersby. Therefore, you must consider your viewers when setting up your sign. The material used in making the sign, the place it will be positioned, the size of the signage, the lettering and graphics of the sign must all be considered if you want it to serve its purpose.

Send a clear message

The purpose of setting up a sign is to send a message to the public or your potential customers to know what you are offering. This means that you must make sure that your message is simple to understand, easy to read and clearly tells the customer what to do. Whatever your message is, you can make it more effective by choosing a particular typestyle, color combination and graphic elements that are effective and reflect the nature of your brand, product as well as business.

Use the right colors

A colorful and balanced sign will always grab the attention of your viewers. In fact, color is a powerful message enhancer. However, this does not mean that you should just use all sorts of colors on your signage. Poorly mixed colors will distort the message and may make your sign to look ugly. If you have a specific combination of colors for your company, you can try and use them on all your signs to maintain uniformity and to enhance your image and brand identity. However, you can still use a few colors that will grab the attention of your viewers. If you decide to mix colors, ensure that the colors contrast to enable your viewers to see and read what is on the sign.

Many business owners use signs as a way to advertise their business. However, there are those who come up with ingenious ways to make their signs more visible than the others. You can add certain elements to improve readability, noticeability, and memorability of your sign.