Fabric Prints: Add Interest Build Your Brand and Display Talent

Fabric prints are an excellent option for office decoration. However, you need to consider working with a highly reputable professional like Kachina Sign Center for more interesting and highly effective fabric prints. Displaying personalized graphics, art and images in your office can take your brand to a greater level, provided it’s done professionally.

7 Tips on how to make your fabric prints more interesting to help build your brand and display talent

Choose your fabric carefully

The first thing you should consider doing is to choose your fabric carefully. At Kachina Sign Center in Tucson AZ, we provide all our clients with high-quality fabrics that meet all their corporate needs efficiently. The quality of the fabric you use makes all the difference. A low-quality fabric will obviously have detrimental results while a high-quality one will produce great outcomes.

Use unique Graphics

There is no better way of showcasing your piece of art than through fabric prints. All you have to do is to ensure that you use graphics that stand out from the rest. Think outside the box; use your creativity to come up with art, photos or a logo that will capture the attention of everyone who comes into contact with it. If used properly, fabric prints are a great option for those looking to spark interest in their business. Consider cropping your images to guide your potential clients’ gaze to the subject and make sure your graphics or photos are of the right resolution.

Match Your Brand

Matching your brand is one of the best ways of adding interest to your fabric prints. Consider making good use of fabric prints to showcase your new products/services or even your organization’s achievements. Displaying high-quality fabric prints in your office lobby areas or break rooms can easily inspire your visitors to become your new customers.

Prioritize on Brand consistency

Brand consistency is the key to unlocking the door that leads to unlimited new opportunities. You should consider finding images that compliment your existing company’s colors, use lettering that resonates with your brand, target audience and your purpose. Unsurprisingly, brand consistency builds interest that leads to familiarity, trust, and loyalty. Fabric prints by Kachina Sign Center Tucson AZ are just what you need to maintain brand consistency effortlessly.

Promote Local Talent

What if you used local artists, photographers or painters to create stunning fabric prints? Well, promoting local talents can go a long way in popularizing your brand locally. Don’t stop there, go ahead and take interesting photos/images of local historic sites that are totally unique and use them as a way of showing your connection with your local community. Tapping local talents and using local snaps that are totally unique will certainly build your reputation and endear you to the locals. Resultantly; your close ties with the locals will boost your brand awareness effort significantly.

Choose interesting Patterns

Choose unique fabric prints patterns that will capture the interest of both your visitors and employees. The patterns you pick should be interesting enough to soothe stressed employees, promote balance, encourage alertness, evoke cheerfulness and trigger positive attitude within the office setting.

Use Bright and Bold Colors

Consider using colors that will evoke the right emotions. The colors you choose must compliment your brand message effectively and positively. Pick colors that reflect well on your fabric prints. Bold and bright colors are highly recommendable as far as making an impact on viewers is concerned.