Find the Right Materials for your Business Signs

Your business’s signs do more than just attract new costumers, they also showcase what your business is made of. As mentioned before, the quality of your sign reflects the quality of your business. Like two of the three little pigs learned the hard way, what you use to build can determine your durability and success. Thankfully, there are a variety of materials to use that will bring out the best in your business’s signs.


It’s light-weight nature makes it easy to take with you to trade shows and conferences, as well as move in and out of storage for seasonal promotions. It’s sleek and bright and ready to stand the elements of rainy and windy days. Whether it’s on your car, store windows, or front-of-shop banner, vinyl is a smart material choice. 


For a more rustic and cozy look, try a wooden sign. Especially in dry climates, a wooden sign can be used indoors and outdoors to create a more natural ambiance. 


Especially for outdoor signs, plastic can ward off rain and rust. Plastic signs often come with an option for changeable messages and posters. They also offer a shine which reflects the sun off the sidewalk and attracts costumers. 


For a strong industrial look, check out options for metal lettering for your signs. You can also use a metal backing for indoor signs for added durability. There’s a sharp and chic quality in metal that lets costumers know your business means quality. 


If you recall the three little pigs, the house of bricks stood in the face of the wolf’s gusty breaths. If they would have had stone, they would have been just as safe. With it’s sturdiness and generally pleasing aesthetic, it’s a good choice for a solid display sign to welcome costumers to your business.


Looking for a more flexible and artistic approach to getting your message out? Use a customized stencil to create a more fluid and colorful finish with your choice of paint. These can also come in handy for parking lot finishes.

No matter what your made of, you can find the right materials for your business’s signs at Kachina Sign Center in Tucson.