Fleet Wraps

We are confident that you have seen fleet vehicle wraps that render a company’s brand with increased visibility and enhance customer perception. We cannot overlook the fact that they effectively strengthen brand coherence in the public domain and serve customers with subjective reasons to influence potential customers.

Anything from delivery trucks, work trucks, trailers, corporate cars, boats, vans, buses, semi’s, and even lawnmowers, ATVs, and golf carts can be used for brand promotion through fleet wraps. Easier said than done, if the graphics on the fleet wraps and their placement aren’t up to the mark or, professionally done, their whole purpose of creating an everlasting impact will be nullified.

  • Fleet wraps for all kinds of vehicles.

The trick with fleet wraps is that if the dimensions of the graphics and pieces of information printed on them do not correspond with the vehicle’s size, they will look out-of-the-place and unpleasant, which is the last thing you would want. If the fleet wrap is going on a truck, its proportion should be in sync with the vehicle; similarly, if the fleet wrap is attached to a minuscule van, the prints’ size should be such that the highlights are visible even from afar.

Some vehicles might need graphics in their bodies while the others call for full, marine-grade wraps. As a full-service sign company, we ensure that before getting started with fabricating the signage, its details are thoroughly analyzed. When we are familiar with every little intricacy of the venture, we’ll be able to formulate the right materials, placement, and marketing elements to achieve precision and consistency with the fleet wraps.

  • Custom-tailored fleet wrap for your business

Personalized fleet vehicle wraps by our company tailored for your business would utilize your brand messaging, marketing elements, logos, and design ideas to persuade the passersby to stop for a moment and cast a glance at whatever is being conveyed through the wraps. Regardless of the type of your business or vehicle type, cohesive wraps create a win-win situation for your business to get noticed and remembered.

With an excellent wrap design team at our disposal, we can create custom wraps that will add to the unique character of both your company’s message and the appeal of the vehicle itself.

At Kachina Sign Center, we have a team of highly-qualified professionals dedicated to delivering top-notch, attractive signage, wraps, and graphic products for your business.