Guide to Channel Letter Signs

Channel Letter Signs are becoming a darling for many businesses due to their effectiveness, visibility, and affordability. The good thing about this type of signage is that it allows you to promote your business effectually 24/7.All you have to do to reap maximum benefits from Channel Letter Signs is to ensure that they are uniquely designed, well-fabricated and properly mounted by fully certified and qualified professionals such as Kachina Sign Center. Channel Letter Signage can be in form of LED/neon lighting, raceway/direct mounting or front lit/halo letters among others depending on your personal preferences and needs.

Channel Letter Signs options

  1. Front-Lit Channel Letters

This is probably the most common type of Channel Letter Signage. Front-Lit Channel Letters which are also known as standard channel letters comprise of a rust-free and a durable custom-shaped frame. These signages have a reputation for emitting illumination from the face or front of the letters. They are commonly used in outdoor plazas and shopping malls. Additionally, they can either be flush or raceway mounted and come in different color combinations and fonts.

  1. Open Face Channel Letters

Open Face channel letters are a perfect option for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and casinos. They are a tremendous choice for all businesses that require extreme eye-catching night signage due to their colorful and bright nature. They can effectively be mounted on walls, pylons, monuments, and cabinets. Interestingly, no other form of channel Letter Signs can match open-face channel letters when it comes to clarity. In addition to that, their neon illumination makes them the brightest of all Channel Letter Signs. Generally, this type of Channel Letters is excellent for those seeking to mount more personalized neon illumination for dramatic after dark effects.

  1. Reverse Lit Channel Letters

Reverse or halo Lit Channel Letters are quite unique due to their versatility, distinctiveness, long distance viewing, 3D effects and special effects. This type of signs doesn’t illuminate on the face due to the fact that their fronts are made from aluminum with their lighting facing backward towards the wall. Their illumination illuminates from around and behind the letters edges. These signs can either use LED or neon illumination effectively. By and large, Reverse Lit Channel Letters are not only elegant but unique, stylish and very classy.

  1. Back Lit Channel Letters

Back-lit Channel letters are designed with an illuminated or cut out face to produce a special helo illumination effect in the background. This type of Channel Letter Signage requires special signage fabrication experience and skills to be effective. Being a powerful combination of the front-lit and reverse lit letters, back-lit channel letters are incredibly great for commercial buildings, schools, churches and other organizations.

  1. Non-Illuminated Channel Letters

Non-lit channel letters have no illumination despite their similarity to the reverse-lit letters. This type of Channel Letters Signs is excellent for organizations, retail stores and other businesses that operate within the regular 8Am-5Pm business hours. They are relatively cost-effective as compared to other types of Channel Letters Signs but also very effective during the day.

You can trust Kachina Sign Center for customized, effective and affordable Channel Letters Signs options and installations.