How to Clean Wrapped Vehicles

Vehicle wraps, what is there to say, they are great marketing tools. Driving around Tucson, AZ, or even just packing your wrapped up vehicle will raise your brand’s awareness and give more information to customers. It is, for this reason, we ensure that your vehicle wraps are well wrapped with no creases to increase their durability. But, a new vehicle wrap isn’t that much of a hassle. It’s unique. It’s fresh and clean. And speaking of clean, this is the easiest way to maintain and protect your vehicle wrap.

Cleaning might seem straightforward, but there is the right way and the wrong way to do it. As a start, let us look at the right way.

The right way

To maintain the fresh new look, you will need a mild automotive cleaner, soft sponge, and tepid water. Clean your vehicle gently without applying too much pressure as you might damage the vinyl. Next, use a low-pressure garden hose to rinse it off. This will do the trick.

For the stubborn spots, from either bird dropping, tree saps etc., soak them in lukewarm water for a while. It becomes easy to clean up the mess after. However, if the first try isn’t the charm, you can keep soaking the spots daily until they disappear.

In case you find it difficult to clean your wrapped vehicle, you can always come to us to provide cleaning services Tucson AZ, and also give you recommendations for keeping your vehicle clean.

The wrong way

Vinyl wraps are delicate in the sense that they can tear very easily when abrasive tools are used. Also, you can end up scratching the paint of the vehicle let alone the graphics. So any scrubbers that are stiff should not be used.

Secondly, high-pressure water can weaken the vinyl and even worse, lift it. Once this happens, the wrap starts to peel off, and your brand’s image is no longer as strong. For that matter, commercial car washes are a no go zone for wrapped vehicles. The brushes and the high-pressure nozzles will affect your vehicle wrap.

Finally, avoid alcohol-based solvents and petroleum-based products. Such cleansers and waxes also affect the vinyl negatively, and you will soon need to visit a graphics and signs shop for a retouch.

Vehicle wraps indeed do the job for you, but they have to be in good condition always. The tips provided above will help you keep your vehicle clean and extend the vinyl’s life. For a professional opinion or assistance, you are welcome to engage us.