How to Hang Signs and Banners

Banners are versatile printed signs that can be displayed outdoors and indoors in different ways. Whether you want to suspend your banners from the ceiling or simply attach it to a pole or outside a building, there are various accessories and methods you can use to display your vibrant banner or sign. Here are ways to hang your banner or sign:


You can use ropes to hang your banners and signs on any free-standing structure, fence or even building. All you have to do is to loop the rope through the aluminum grommets on the sides or along the bottom or top length of the banner and fasten the rope to a pole or a pillar. You can let the banner hang loosely using the top grommets or use the grommets found on either side of the banner to fasten it to a free-standing structure.

Bungee cords

These cords are the best for stretching your banner taut and attaching it to any free-standing structure nearby. Using the grommets found in each corner of the banner, attach one end of the bungee cord to the hole and then wound the remaining end of the chord to a fence or a pole to showcase your banner. Do this for both sides of the banner to clearly display it.

Zip ties

These are among the easiest ways of hanging banners especially vinyl banners outdoors to a fence. Put grommets around the four sides of the banner, and loop zip ties through the holes. Once you have done this, wrap the ends of the zip ties onto the fence and secure the banner. You can then tighten the zip ties to ensure that the banner is not disrupted by the winds.

Screws and washers

This is ideal for outdoor signs and banners that require a more permanent fix. Using screws and washers, attach your banner to an exterior wall or even interior wall. To ensure that the banner is well secured, place the washers behind the grommets of your banner ad drive screws through the grommets and washers.

Flagpoles and brackets

You can hang or attach your banner on a pole or a streetlight using flag poles and bracketing system. All you have to do is to add pole pockets to the top and the bottom parts of the banner and insert poles horizontally through the banner sleeves. Then, connect the poles to the brackets on your vertical pole. This method works well with double-sided vinyl banners with messages on both sides.

The way you hang your banner or sign will determine whether your message will reach its target audience or not. Therefore, ensure that you use the right method that will guarantee viewership of your banner.