How to make your Display Sign Pop: Trade Show Tips

“Sign, sign, everywhere a sign,” may be running through your head as you pass through the sea of signage at a trade show. How can you make your signs stand out to buyers without setting up a fireworks display? It can be tough fighting for attention in such a densely marketed space, but with the right visual aids, your business’s sign can be read loud and clear.

Know your competition

The first step to standing out is knowing what you’re up against. Check out competing company’s websites, logos, and if possible their storefront. Are they using bright colors and shiny finishes to their graphics? Or is their style more classic and sleek? Find your own style and differentiate your look. Think of your signs as a way to direct conversation and flow. Incorporate floor signs, small table signs, ceiling banners and most importantly, signs that are at eye level. Don’t get too carried away with flashy touches, the right balance of simple and sleek with eye popping accents can make your table both inviting and noticeable. Adding a few guiding lights, pops of bright colors, and moving graphics are good in moderation.

Know your buyer

After walking around a trade show for hours under the harsh fluorescent lights, the last thing your buyers want is to be confronted by is a complicated presentation. Keep your message simple and bold. What can you provide your buyer to ease their troubles? Concentrate on making your display space an inviting area with colors, lighting, and ambiance that will invite buyers to stop and stay a while. Consider ditching old practices such as placing your table at the front of your booth and open up your space for buyers to walk around. Think of ways they can engage with your products or services. Whether you have tactile objects to test out, or a video demonstration, give your buyers a reason to stay at your booth.

Sell your story

“It all started with a scrap of dough grandma’s old recipes…” Telling your story, the years of struggle, the family connection, the moment you stumbled across a great business idea, are all ways to connect with your costumers. Pick one aspect of your business you want costumers to know right away and use your display messages, colors, ambiance and marketing materials to sell your message. Remember that your message stems from your story though. So think about what makes your business personal, why should buyers care? Whether your the oldest business around, the one with top notch and innovative products, the one with the friendliest service, focus on one attribute first.

For more information on how to make your trade show display signs pop, contact the Kachina Sign Center in Tucson.