How to make your Vehicle Graphics and Wraps Pop

Want to make more than just cops notice your bright car speeding by? Vehicle wraps and graphics give you business the chance to reach more of your target market without having to put out multiple ads. If you are not a designer or and artist, it may seem tough to think of ways to turn your vehicle into a moving advertisement. The truth is, the options are endless. From detailed images of people and places to solid colored graphics and logos, your car is a blank canvas. Here are a few tips to make sure your costumers are seeing your advertisement and making the call.

Use contrast

Using contrast on vehicle graphic designs can be tougher than when creating more traditional ads. There are a lot of colorful cars on the road, and plus you are also competing with the signs, decor, and the general flourish of your community as cars pass through. Pick colors that are bright, if your vehicle is a more neutral shade. Use white lettering if you already sport a shiny, bright sports car. If you do an all over wrap, incorporate both dark and light colors to help emphasis important information like your business’s phone number and main selling product.


With all the options available for vehicle graphics and wraps, it can be overwhelming. Keep in mind that as well as being appealing and eye-catching, your moving ad needs to be comprehensive. Sometimes all you need is a catchy logo and phone number to bring in the costumers. With design, less is more. Don’t get lost in the maze of flames and extremely intricate graphics. Remember, like with most marketing strategies like the elevator speech, you want to make your graphic simple and to the point. Drivers and passersby will only have minutes, or seconds to look at your vehicle-so make them count!

Call the experts

Visualizing graphics for your vehicle takes a special kind of eye. An eye that knows which angles will be seen from what direction. At Kachina Sign Center in Tucson, we have designers who have been designing vehicle graphics for years. They know how to turn your vision into a marketable reality. Call now for more information on how to expand your market and turn your vehicle into a mobile advertisement today.