Importance of Business Signs for Cars

Are you ready to change every drive into a business opportunity? If the answer to this question is yes, then you should consider using business signs for cars. Whether you are a restaurant owner, a real estate agent, a contractor, a caterer or a cleaning service agent, you can make an impression by having a well-designed business sign on your car. The following are the importance of business signs for cars:

Makes lots of impressions

According to OAAA (outdoor advertising Association of America), in a day a car advertisement can achieve approximately 70,000 impressions. This means that a lot of people will see and read the message you are trying to put across. In fact, business signs for cars can reach more people than radio, billboards and even mass transit advertising. These advertisements are more noticeable than other forms of advertisements.


A good marketer will not look at the amount of impressions a marketing campaign can get for him or her to conclude that the campaign is going to be successful or not. When compared to other forms of advertising, car advertisement is less expensive. You will not have to pay those unreasonable costs for a car advertisement.

Tax write offs

It is not possible to write off your car by simply putting a sign with your business logo on it. However, any expense that goes into placing an advertisement on a car can be written off. Therefore, if you want to put an advertisement on your car or truck, just ensure that you keep track of all the expenses incurred and then write them off during taxation.

Easy to move around

Billboards and other signs are usually stationery. This means that if a person does not move to that particular place where the sign is placed, he or she will not see it. The good thing about business signs for cars is that, the car moves from one place to another. This makes it easy for people to see and read the message contained in the signage. Since the car moves from one place to another, thousands of people can view the message and even take action.

In summary, it is evident that vehicle advertising or business signs for cars are some of the best ways small and local business can market themselves. With a little investment, you can turn your truck or car into a mobile advertisement tool that can reach your potential customers and prompt them to take action.