Is Your Signage Outdated? Here’s How to Tell

Your business signs do a lot for your company. If they are not as effective as they could be, though, it could be preventing you from enticing new customers to come to your store. If you can relate to any of the following common problems, it might be time to update your signs.

They Blend in with the Surroundings

Sometimes business owners try to create understated signs that do not stand out from their surroundings. While this might continue the exterior design of the building, it could keep people from noticing your sign and what it says. Try to create signs that stand out so people are actually likely to notice the name of your company.

They are too Wordy

Signs should instantly grab someone’s attention. If your signs have too much information that makes them hard to read with a quick glance, they are not enhancing your business. Try to make the wording on your signs as brief and as effective as possible. If a potential customer gains a lot of information from a quick look at a sign, they will be more likely to come inside.

They are Not Placed Well

If you hang your signs too high on the building, people driving cars might not be able to see them. Try to get new signs at a new height that everyone can read as they move past your building. This helps you get more walk-in customers who come inside because they are intrigued by what they see.

They No Longer Represent Your Company

Whether your sign contains an outdated catchphrase or you have updated your logo, it is important to replace signs if they no longer represent your company. Print some new signs that show people the current state of your business.

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