Kachina Sign Center Vehicle Wrap FAQs

These days, many professionals in the business community are looking for services to wrap their delivery vehicles, fleet, and job vehicles. While moving around the streets at Tucson, vehicle graphics and wraps are capable enough to spread brand awareness around. However, the beginners in the business industry find it a little complicated to decide about the automobile wrapping. Some of you may even have some questions in your mind that you need to ask before moving ahead with vehicle wraps ideas.

Here we have listed a few FAQs to help you get answers related to vehicle wraps:

What is a vehicle wrap, and how long it lasts?

Consider vehicle wraps as a second skin that is used to cover the regular paint on the automobiles. This skin is mainly designed using vinyl material and adhesive backing, and it features graphics, logos, and colors relevant to your business. These wraps can last for around five years and keep on protecting your skin from weather damage and fading area.

Can Kachina Sign Center help me design a unique wrap?

Yes. Our teams are always ready to serve clients with unique wrap designs and installations. We appreciate the clients’ style elements as per their individual needs and follow those ideas to create an attractive and impressive finished product.

How expensive is a vehicle wrap installation?

The new business owners may be a little skeptical about this investment; they may try to consider the cheaper print ads published in the local paper. But the main thing that demands your attention is the number of impressions it makes every day and how much foot traffic you can get. Experts reveal that vinyl automobile wraps can increase name recognition by almost 15 folds. Hence, it is worth to spend on mobile advertising media as returns on this investment are extremely valuable.

Can the adhesive-backed vinyl wrap damage the paint job of my vehicle?

If your car’s paint is in good shape, it doesn’t have any rusty patches of peelings in advance; then, there is no need to worry about any damage. The vehicle wraps work like a second skin on the paint, and they are capable enough to handle lots of abuse, including weathering and road debris. If you have to remove the wrap at any time, the pain will be in excellent condition.

If my vehicle address or phone number gets changed, can you fix the wrapped work again?

Yes, we are ready to assist you with that. The wraps’ information, including business name, contact number, address or logo, etc. can be changed frequently with a patch that matches the existing color scheme and typeface. You can contact us immediately to make any required update in the vehicle wrap, and we can handle that job on time.

While these general FAQs might have answered most of your doubts, you can contact us anytime for further details and additional inquiries.