Lawyer Signs

If you know how signage works and why they are commonly employed, let us familiarize you with an exception. As opposed to common belief, lawyer signs are not meant to magnetize passersby’s attention; instead, they are intended to target a more specialized market. Through the signage, the lawyer conveys the particular areas of law that he deals with so that people know that they seek legal assistance from the most competent person.

Practicing lawyers cannot be expected to conceptualize, design, and install their signage, and that’s when we, a full-service sign company, are sought after. We’ll make sure that all the signage needs of your law firm are attended with utmost sincerity. We employ an expert team with the latest technologies and a deep understanding of signs at its disposal.

  • Informative outdoor lawyer signs

Unlike showrooms, restaurants, boutiques and other businesses, your objective is not to persuade people to step inside your office and browse through the services you provide; in fact, it works in the exact opposite way. You want to make people aware who are looking for legal services, that your door is open and you can proficiently fulfill all their needs. This objective implies that if you are willing to place the sign outside your office, a tiny one will suffice; you will have to get your hands on something transparently illustrates the details of your legal services.

If you need signs that will promote your law firm 24*7, our company will also create illuminated outdoor signs for you, backlit, halo-lit, standard front-lit, and open-lit signs. However, if you want to tinge the signs with a sense of permanence and keep them low-key, monument signs, pole signs, pylon signs, fascia signs, hanging signs, dimensional signs and channel letters are the ones you should select.

  • Professionally designed signs

At our sign company, we will assist you throughout the process of fashioning the signage even if you start from scratch. There are many lawyers who have set up their firms only recently and do not yet have a sign design or logo in the first place. If that is the case with you too, there’s no need to worry because our in-house graphic artists have got you covered.

  • Signs for your glass doors and walls

Suppose we rank different kinds of signage in order of their level of sophistication. In that case, nothing can supersede the elegance that signs printed on glass doors and walls bring. At a law firm, confidentiality is one indispensable component.

Kachina Sign Center will take every detail about your sign requirements into consideration and design an effective and attractive sign. The bottom line is, our signs will be in sync with the image, branding, and appeal you want to attain with your law firm.