Learn About Wall Graphics Printing And Installation

It is essential to stand out in the crowd and get noticed to expand a business. The same rule applies to any organization since they need to be “heard” and noticed is of prime importance to get the business running smoothly.

Gone are the days of keeping plain walls and dull and formal atmosphere in the office. Nowadays, people like vibrancy around them to feel energized and active. We, at Kachina Sign Center, Tucson, Arizona, offer customized services to clients to set up their office with wall graphics to convey many messages and inspirational taglines to boost the productivity of the establishment.

Why choose wall art?

The reason behind opting for wall graphics is that it adds some color to the dull walls while fulfilling the duty of being informative and encouraging.

A well thought out display is sure to please any visitor to the office. Displays can, at a glance, project aims, objectives of the company, what the company is about, and much more. To make the display eye-catching, a bright blend of different sized fonts to accentuate various important aspects surely pays off.

Another reason for choosing wall art is that even the employees, while passing to and fro in the office, can very well look at the instructions on display and make a plan of action accordingly.

How to choose wall graphics?

After extensive discussion with the client, we present some art samples to give them an idea about how their ideas are visualized and executed. Wall art about the line of activity helps to emphasize the work done at the organization. Any visitor can get a clear cut idea of what to expect from the people with whom they are planning to deal.

Wall graphics and murals are made of vinyl material that is totally customizable as per client’s demands. The ink used is water-based, non-toxic, and children friendly as well as harmless for people with any allergy.
The vinyl sheets are self-adhesive that can adhere to any surface – brick wall, wooden planks, or plain plastered wall. We ensure to do a perfect job and give clean and crisp edges for a neat look.

Textured vinyl gives added effect to a picture. A wavy or rippled material can find good use at photographs depicting water; a canvas textured vinyl can transform simple floral print into the designer piece by its sheer embossed look.

Businesses like an architectural firm, construction house could do a display of their previous project in subdued black and white tone to make visiting clients aware of their business achievements.

To protect the prints against harsh sunlight and dust, so that the ink does not smudge or fade off, it is advisable to get the vinyl laminated. This vinyl is an excellent protection layer and makes cleaning easy.

Once the client finalizes the design and other details, we at Kachina Sign Center, take up the task of installing the vinyl at the chosen spots. For that, one can rest assured that the work is carried out very professionally, leaving the office spic and span as before. The surrounding area is covered to protect it while working.

To ensure proper fitment, the walls are scrubbed and leveled and cleaned thoroughly. Thus, the vinyl adheres to the wall smoothly and gives an even and perfect look.

So the next time you wish to give your office a make-over, do contact us at Kachina Sign Center, Tucson, Arizona, and we guarantee a result that may satisfy you completely.