Learn When Corrugated Signs Are the Best Choice for Your Job

Corrugated signs commonly referred to as Coroplast signs are made from plastic substance that looks like a plastic cardboard. Since it is made of plastic material, some people might be skeptical about the quality of these signs. Although corrugated signs are mostly low-priced, the do not look cheap or of poor quality. Your customers, the public and even your clients will not even know that the sign you are using is made of plastic. In most cases, people look at the color, the design, the aesthetics and what is written on a sign and not the material used in making that particular sign.

You can make your sign more efficient and attractive by focusing on a beautiful layout and a combination of great colors. Corrugated plastic signs can be used in the following instances:

Indoor signage

If you are looking for a great material that can be used for indoor advertisement, this is the best material to use. Coroplast signs are normally light weight, waterproof and portable. This means that you can easily move the sign from one point to another as you clean the room or you can just place it at different areas depending on where you feel is appropriate. However, this does not mean that these signs cannot be used outdoors. They can also be placed at strategic positions outside to attract the attention of onlookers and customers. Nonetheless, they can easily be destroyed by high winds.

Easy to carry and trouble-free display

Corrugated signs feature a hollow-flute outline which makes it lightweight and easy to carry from one place to another. The materials used are durable and can last for several years if maintained properly. Therefore, if you are looking for material that is easy portable requires little manpower to set up and will perfectly meet your display needs then coroplast signs is what you need.


Every organiation or business person looks for customizable signs. Corrugated signs can easily be customized into real estate signs, yard signs, and above all they are an ideal choice for wall signs, window signs as well as signs that can be placed at the entrance or on doors. They can also be used for outdoor and indoor purposes.

An alternative to Acrylic and PVC signs

Acrylic or PVC signs are generally expensive and they normally take time when mounting them. If you are looking for a perfect alternative that is affordable and portable, then you should consider corrugated signs. They are generally durable and will serve the same purpose like the PVC or Acrylic sign.

Kachina Sign Center offers different types of signs and corrugated signs are among their preferred choice especially to customers who need indoor advertisement and signs.