LED Signs the Bottom Line

Research shows that a business that chooses to enhance their signage with LED signs or Electronic Message Center, the business experience an increase in activity of 15 percent to 150 percent. That is a considerable margin when compared to other forms of advertisements. Advertising is measured in cost per thousand impressions. Typically, an LED sign can cost approximately 75 cents per 1,000 impressions as opposed to 13 dollars for radio and 22 dollars for television advertisement.

LED signs are beneficial and are they are the least forms of advertising for small businesses. An LED sign gives you the ability to target a broad, critical audience of potential customers who are already at your front door or those that passers-by. This reach is because of the bright lights that are illuminated by the LED lights.

Let us imagine that your business experiences an increase of just 5 percent in sales. To some business owners, 5% increase in sales would enable them to pay for a professional sign including all the operating and maintenance costs for months. This increase means that future revenue is mostly money that infused into the business for growth. In other words, it is a one-off investment that has a potential of enabling you to make profits.
Simply put, an LED sign is a sure way of reaching potential customers who are in a position to act on your message. A good advertising strategy is one that reaches the right people at the right time. With an LED sign strategically positioned in front of your business premise, passing traffic and potential customers will be able to see your advertisement many times giving your business the exposure it requires. Your customers will be able to see the ad over and over, and all this is at no extra cost.

LED signs also give you full control over the message you want to convey. You will be able to determine your message, choose the words to be used and even control the timing of the news on the signage. Our LED signs are energy-efficient. Energy efficient signs mean that you have nothing to worry about high energy bills or high costs of maintenance. LED signs are designed to produce bright light without using a lot of energy. They can impact your business immediately by conveying the right message.

If you want to change the way you advertise your business, you should consider visiting Kachina Sign Center and get yourself an LED sign. Our LED signs are professionally designed. You will be amazed by the numerous benefits offered by LED signs that go beyond ordinary advertising.