Looking for a Sign? What to do with your Customized Vinyl Banner

It’s lightweight, glistens in the sunlight, and can be hung in rain or shine. The vinyl banner may not seem like much when it’s folded in the corner of your shop. But like a colorful kite, once it catches wind it can catch the attention of those in your community. As it turns out, thinking of your customized vinyl banner as a kite for your business can help you when thinking about how to use it.

Keep it in good condition

Yes, a kite can fly with light coat of dirt, but does it catch your eye like a bright and clean soarer? The vinyl material can stand up to many harsh conditions, but your cleaning shouldn’t be one of them. Use a soft cloth and water to wipe off that layer of dirt. If a heavier cleaner is needed, still take care to scrub gently especially around the lettering. When storing your banner, make sure to choose a shady and dry spot. If possible, don’t fold the lettering onto itself. Lay flat or roll into a tube for storage. If wrinkles do occur, place a wet cotton cloth over the banner before ironing and take care not to apply too much heat

Make sure its bright

Have you ever seen a black kite? Most kites are full of color so you can easily spot them in the sky. The same goes for your banner. Make sure to use contrasting colors for your lettering and to make the most important information, such as contacts, pop. If possible, discuss graphics options with your marketing team to find an image that draws people in.

Keep it visible

Check the “weather” of your community. Where in Tucson will your business’s kite catch wind? Are your costumers frequenting trade shows, sporting events, busy traffic intersections, festivals, shopping centers or community events? As a test, try hanging up your banner around town and see how long it takes for one of your employees to spot it. Look out for “clouds” and “trees” that might block it from view. Print a few signs and try out multiple locations, recording results to see which areas are most effective. Be sure to include links to social media and contact information in a prominent location.

If you still aren’t getting the results you want, try running a promotional deal on your banners.