Make your vinyl car graphics stand out

Vinyl car graphics are some of the most common signage on our roads today. Before this kind of advertising became popular, most companies were using painted lettering. However, the advantage of vinyl car lettering outweighs those of the painted lettering.

Many companies have adopted the vinyl lettering on their vehicles for advertising purposes. It comes in handy for the firms that that do not want to do a full or partial vehicle wrap advertising.

Since tis form of vehicle graphics is very popular, it is important to get the lettering that stands out while keeping the message simple and captivating. Here a few points to keep in mind.

Mind the font

You should have a message where the audience can read with ease from a distance. Avoid using a font that is flowery and hard to read past ten meters from the vehicle. The audience does not have the time to strain reading your information.

The most common fonts used include Arial, Helvetica, and New Times Roman. Avoid using the Serif Font. Despite looking great, the little detail on the edges tend to come out fast due to the narrow surface area that the adhesive attaches to the body of the vehicle.


The contrast determines the legibility of your lettering. The higher the contrast, the more the vehicle lettering will stand out. Avoid using colors that are hard to decipher such as yellow on white. If your company color is one of those pale colors, consider having the vinyl cut from contrasting colors or have the vinyl layered on top of the contrasting colors

Different colors have different staying powers. Red for example, tends to fade away quickly than most of the other colors. Where possible avoid using red in most of your lettering to get your lettering to stay longer.

 The use of images 

It is good to use a company logo or an image in your lettering. Straight lettering without the use of the two is quickly becoming outdated. The image can be a simple as a character delivering the message, the image of the product, a slogan that has been embodied in a logo, or an image of the product.

Even if you do not want to have a full car wrap, it is good to have decals at the both sides of your vehicle. This is a good way to ensure that audience from both sides of the vehicle get to see what the company does.