Menu Signs

Rather than resorting to the old-school menu cards for your fast food restaurant, why don’t you try something that is a little more upbeat and will grab effectively grab everybody’s attention? Yes, we are referring to the menu boards. Unlike traditional menu cards, menu boards exhibit everything that a café or restaurant offers on a single plane. Suppose your bistro serves a full inventory of foods and beverages. In that case, your customers will likely get confused while flipping through the pages and ordering something that doesn’t leave a viable impact on your profit margin. Instead, you can communicate your needs to us. We will help you fashion menu boards that appealingly highlight the best delicacies on the menu and will inevitably catch your consumer’s attention the moment they cast a glance at it.

The objective here is to make everything on the menu look alluring and impactful. We do not fabricate menu boards that abide by the “one-size-fits-all” principle; everything we create will 100% comply with the requirements of your business, brand identity, market, and budget.

  • Affordable menu boards

As far as preparing a menu board for your company is concerned, you can rest assured you will find us quoting the most affordable prices. Corrugated plastics (coroplast), vinyl, acrylic, and aluminum are some of our go-to materials for fabricating menu boards. The best part about these menu boards lies in the fact that the virtues of versatility and durability characterize them.

You can choose anything your heart pleases; from hanging signs and back-lit menu boards to full-color vinyl prints, transparent boards, and illuminated boxes, we have you covered.

  • Updatable menu boards

We understand that with time, your business will evolve and you might alter the order or the prices of the dishes mentioned on your menu board. Thus, to save you from investing repeatedly, we offer updatable menu boards such as dry erase boards, glass, ceramic, whiteboard, chalkboard, and such others. If needed, we can also furnish you with write-on menu boards that can be easily accommodated on tabletops, hung from ceilings, fastened on the walls or, framed to be attached outside the restaurant.

  • Dynamic digital boards

If you have not been living under a rock all this while, you would know that dynamic digital menu boards are the talk of the town, and rightfully so. If you like experimenting with new things now and then, we believe that an electronic board will sizzle up things! Furthermore, our digital boards will let you fully customize the content on the menu and even add eye-catchy photos and videos to it from time to time. What we are trying to get here is that even if your customer is sitting idle at the table and wondering what to opt for, he should be rendered with the vibrant experience that he deserves.

Again, at our company, you can get your hands on high-quality digital menu boards, including indoor, outdoor, single-line, monochrome, colored, LCD, LED, multiple-line displays, and projection signs to correspond with your needs of personalization and high impact.