Product Display Signs

If you have the most appropriate product display signs at your disposal, trust us when we say that half of your marketing job will be done. Gone are those when people had time to stop by and read lengthy hoardings. In this fast-paced world of the 21st century, consumers want advertising messages that are short, crisp, aesthetically-pleasing, and creatively relates to the vision of the brand and its yields. As opposed to those “on-the-face” promotions that sometimes get agonizing, we will help you tailor product display signs that would magnetize your target audience and keep them hooked to your company.

  • Promotional display signs

As per the reports submitted by POPAI in 2014, around 82% of shopping decisions are made when customers are in the stores; this fact implies that you should focus on attracting customers to your showroom more than anything else. Promotional signs that convey huge discounts, clearance sales, new launches and arrivals, free trials, and promos will inevitably draw more people to your stores. With our customizable promotional sign service, you can have a wide array of attractive signage that will subtly persuade your target customers and transparently put across your brand message, at your disposal. Anything ranging from hanging banners and window decals to state-of-the-art LED can be installed at your store by our company.

  • POP displays

Pop or point-of-purchase display is another game-changing marketing strategy that is bound to comply with your expectations. Since pop displays are positioned near the purchasing decisions, we know what or how things can be combined to make the signage work, create an everlasting impact and convince them to keep coming back to your store. You can have both temporary and permanent pop signs, but, in case of the latter, let us familiarize you with the additional benefits. Our top-notch permanent pop displays are sourced from long-lasting materials including wood, glass, metal, and plastic and coupled with pedantic construction techniques that will make them last for years.

  • Temporary display signs

If you are looking forward to getting your hands on something that would communicate the ongoing offers at your store, we believe temporary pop display signs would be a wise resort. We ensure that temporary display signs are fashioned using affordable and lightweight resources such as wood, styrene, glass, cardboard, and acrylic. If the signs are meant to be stuck on glass, there’s no need to worry because the glue we use for it wouldn’t leave a stain on your glass doors, windows, and walls after you take them off. Moreover, we also provide retractable banners that can be easily transported in and out of the store whenever required.

At Kachina Sign Center, we aim to attract people to your store through the signs we are responsible for creating. We can assure you that all the signs we fabricate are unparalleled design, structure, and, most importantly, unique strategy to enhance their effectiveness.